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Articles Published in Volume 57 (May 2018 to April 2019)



Super Power Dispute and Global Economy – Vijayalakshmi V. May 1 '2018

Narendra Modi — Xi Jinping Meet – Vijayalakshmi V. May 15' 2018

Flipkart-Walmart Deal – Vijayalakshmi V. June 1 '2018

Farm Loan Waiver Efforts in Karnataka – Vijayalakshmi V. June 15 '2018

NITI Meet and Modi’s Economic Outreach – Vijayalakshmi V. July 1 '2018

IDBI Bank and LIC Stake – Vijayalakshmi V. July 15 '2018

Trade War and India – Vijayalakshmi V. August 1 '2018

Status of Indian Higher Education – Vijayalakshmi V. August 15 '2018

Prime Minister’s Independence Day Address – Vijayalakshmi V. September 1 '2018

BIMSTEC Summit – 2018 – Vijayalakshmi V. September 15 '2018

Currency Woes – Vijayalakshmi V. October- 1 '2018

Ayushman Bharat Scheme – Vijayalakshmi V. October 15 '2018

Recent Developments in Income Distribution – Vijayalakshmi V. November 1 '2018

India’s Human Capital Development – Vijayalakshmi V. November 15 '2018

Reserve Bank of India – Government Conflict – Vijayalakshmi V. December 1 '2018

G-20 Summit – 2018 – Vijayalakshmi V. December 15 '2018

Farm Loan Waiver- A Reality Check – Vijayalakshmi V. January 1 '2019

Need for Agricultural Sector Reforms – Vijayalakshmi V. January 15 '2019

Quest for Employment – Vijayalakshmi V. February 1  '2019

Interim Budget – 2019-20 – Vijayalakshmi V. February 15 '2019

National Minimum Wage – Vijayalakshmi V. March 1 '2019

Growth of Indian Economy – Vijayalakshmi V. March 15 '2019

India’s Macro Balance Sheet – Vijayalakshmi V. Apri1 & 15 '2019


May 1 '2018

The High Profile Loot of Public Sector Banks – V. Mohan Rao

Tribal Households and Media Exposure: A Study – K. AbduSalam and Biju T.

Job Satisfaction of College Teachers with respect to InfrastructuraFacilities in the College – Smita Kochummen and S.V. Sudheer

Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana – A conduit for Financial Inclusion in India – Jenica S. and Sreenidhi N.G.

Household Expenditure on Health and Outcomes in Kerala – Nisha T. A. and Sabu P. J.

Issues of Sustainable Water Resource Management in Kerala – Lalija V.K.

Recycling and Upcycling – Approach to plan and Manage Wastages for Reuse – Daksha. C. Barai

India’s Foreign Trade: December 2017 Merchandise Trade Exports (including re-exports) Health Care and Corporate Hospitals ‘Management – Cases of Bangalore Metropolitan’ – Vijayalakshmi V.

Andhra Pradesh Budget 2018-19: A Critique – K. Munirathnam Naidu and K. Srinivasulu Naidu

The Nagaram Conference Report – I. Satya Sundaram

The World of the Great Four –  K. U.  Mada


May 15 '2018

CSR Activity Requires Greater Thrust – K. U. Mada

Rainfall and Temperature in Tamil Nadu A District-wise Trend Analysis – G. Gnana Elpinston

Demographic Dividend or Demographic Onus: A study on Employability of Youth with Special references to Kerala – Manju S.V.

Innovative Retail Banking Practices: A Review of Empirical Studies in India – Amalkumar P. and R. Vasanthagopal

Trade Liberalisation and Performance of Pepper Production – Ms. Rinu Jose and Sreeja S.

Trends of Payment and Settlement System in India – D. Legio Meril

It is not Business as Usual for Lenders and Borrowers – N. S. Vishwanathan

Host Community Perception towards Socio-economic Impact of Tourism – Rajeev Kumar A.D. and Hareesha K.

Statement at IMFC Meeting – Urjit R. Patel

Governments and the Sustainable Development Goals – D. Jeevan Kumar

Andhra Pradesh State Finances: Present Scenario – K. Munirathnam Naidu


June 1 '2018

Stressed Assets and Recapitalisation of Public Sector Banks – V. Mohan Rao

Towards  Flourish  of  Initiators – K. U. Mada

Unsustainability and Collapse of Societies: Some Examples from the Past – Mothi George

Online Shopping – An Assessment of Educated Youth Among Rural Area of Alappuzha, Kerala – Arya S. and V. Prakash

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme: The Experience of Kerala – Aswathy Nath N. J. and Georgee K. I.

Waste as a Resource: Reuse and Recycle the Bio-Green and Non-Bio Black – Ruby S. and Harish K.

Annual Status of Education Report, 2017 – A Review – Vijayalakshmi V.

Atrocities against Scheduled Castes in a Comparative Perspective – M.V. Nadkarni

National Conference of 244 selected Districts under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP) held in New Delhi – Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

World Urbanization Today – D. Jeevan Kumar


June 15 '2018

Concepts of Nation, Nationalism and Patriotism – Pranab Mukherjee

Transformation of the Indian Dairy Industry – V. Mohan Rao

Financial Empowerment of SHG Women Through Co-operative Banks in Tamil Nadu – R. Anandaraman

Tribes of Wayanad and the Backdrop of Developmental Programmes – P. Stanly Joseph and Raimol Pappachan

Sustainable Development through MGNREGs: A Micro Study – Munavver Azeem Mullappally Kayamkulath &
P.V. Basheer Ahammed

Financial Problems of Self-Help Groups in Kerala – P.N. Hari Kumar, P.K. Dinesh and Rajitha

Problems of Youth Entrepreneurs in Kallakurichi Taluk – S. Rajeshkanna and S. Savarimuthu

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code – V. Mohan Rao

Excellence in Payments – B. P. Kanungo

World Environment Day 2018

India-Singapore Partnership – Narendra Modi

Environment Management: Ecologically Invested


July 1 '2018

Measuring Peace in a Complex World Institute for Economics and Peace, Sydney, June 2018 – D. Jeevan Kumar

Determinants of Household Expenditure on Education in Erode District – R. Jayanthi and S. Ponnarasu

Marketing Problems of Cine Exhibitors: A Micro Study – John Major Thomas and P.N. Harikumar Education: The Most Influencing Factor of Health – Ibrahim Cholakkal

Agriculture and Food Management

Factors which Motivate and Demotivate Bank Managers of India: Empirical Evidence – M.J. Subramanyam

Banking Regulatory Powers Should be Ownership Neutral – Urjit R. Patel

India – Composite Water Management Index-2018 – D. Jeevan Kumar


July 15 '2018

The Aftermath of the Punjab National Bank Fiasco – V. Mohan Rao

Drinking-Water Demand of Household Sector – Prabhavathy C. and Jayasree S.

Performance Evaluation of Urban Local Bodies: A Study – S.R. Nagaraja and Ragavendra T.S.

An Analysis of Maternal and Child Health in Kerala – Nisha T. A. and Sabu P. J.

Budget 2018-19 – Presented by Sri H.D.Kumaraswamy

India’s Economic Reforms: Reflections on the Unfinished Agenda – Vijay Joshi


August 1 '2018

Sardar Patel – Man who United India  – Aaditya Tiwari

Micro Finance and Rural Development through NABARD – R. Anandaraman

Challenges of caring Pesticide Victims  A Study of Endosulfan in Coastal Karnataka – G.K. Venugopal and Shaukath Azim

Stress Management of Women Employees in Banking Sector – A case of Kerala – Dennis Cherian and Tharsis Joseph

Impact of the flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Gross Domestic Production (GDP) of India – B. China Venkata Lingaiah and A. Nakula Reddy

Social Infrastructure, Employment and Human Development Understanding and Managing Interest Rate Risk at Banks – Viral V Acharya

August 15 '2018

The Oil Crises in India and the Impact of U.S. Sanctions on Iran – V. Mohan Rao

Performance of Financial Inclusion for Inclusive Growth Through Banking Sector in India – R. Anandaraman    

Role of Economists/Researchers in Shaping Policy – Urjit R. Patel

Dynamics of Cryptocurrency: A Review – Rohini G. Shetty and Sumithra Sreenath

Vertical Farming – The Future of Agriculture – B.M. Padha

Monetary Management and Financial Intermediation: 10th Brics Summit Johannesburg Declaration

Gandhi’s Views on Economics

Report on Symposium: CryptoCurrency – Vijayalakshmi V.


September 1 '2018

For whom the Bell Tolls Vis-a-Vis RBI and Central Government – V. Mohan Rao

Address to the Nation by the Hon’ble President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, on India’s 72nd Independence Day

Steering Growth and Development through Financial Inclusion – Ansi Rahila

Budgetary Allocations and Cost Recovery of Irrigation in AP – B. Lilly Grace Eunice & Y. Chinna Rao

Health Insurance: Awareness Level in Thiruvananthapuram – Sreerenjini S.C.

Public Credit Registry & Goods and Services Tax Network: Giant Strides to Democratise and Formalise Credit in India – Viral V. Acharya

Joint Press Statement on the India-Japan Annual Defence Ministerial Dialogue

Need to Develop Consensus Amongst the Concerned States on Interlinking of Rivers – Nitin Gadkari


September 15 '2018

Health Care in India – V. Mohan Rao

Role of Private Sector Institutions in Promoting Higher Education – A Study of Kerala – Sunija Beegum N.

Forex Market Operations and Liquidity Management – Janak Raj, Sitikantha Pattanaik, Indranil Bhattacharya

Youth, Technology and Ideas

State Government Market Borrowings: Issues & Prospects – B.P. Kanungo

Education as per Mahatma Gandhi

The functioning of Regional Rural Banks: An Assessment – Vijayalakshmi V.


October 1 '2018

Simultaneous Elections in India – V. Mohan Rao

External Trade of Kerala – An Assessment – Jency S.

India Reclaim Low Skill Manufacturing A Review Based on Apparel and Leather Sectors – Jenica S.

Socio-Economic Impact of VRS on KSDL Employees: A Study – S. Jayalakshmi Priya and D. Kumuda

Importance of strong Governance & Secure IT Operations for Urban Co-operative Banks to remain relevant – N.S. Vishwanath

Is there a Late Converger Stall in Economic Development?

Gandhiji’s Philosophy: Diet & Diet Programme

G20 Member Nations to Promote Policies that bridges all forms of Digital Divide


October 15 '2018

Political Thinking in  Early Development – K.   U.   Mada

A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards LIC with Special Reference to PALA Town – Savad K.A.

Transforming Science and Technology in India

Preventive Vigilance – The Key Tool of Good Governance at Public Sector Institutions – Urjit R. Patel

Organic Farming in India – V. Mohan Rao

Gandhi’s Views on Swadeshi/khadi: Definition of Swadeshi

PM’s Address in 48th Episode of Mann Ki Baat Technology Brings Transparency, Prospe-rity and Opportunities for Rural Youth – Venkaiah Naidu

Fourth Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement, 2018-19

Households’ Inflation Expectations Survey SIDBI launches a National Level Entrepreneurship Awareness Campaign

November 1 '2018

Public-Private Partnership in Agricultural Sector With Special Reference to Rural Economy – Raghavendra Hajgolkar and Prasanna B. Joshi

Prompt Corrective Action: An Essential Element of Financial Stability Framework – Viral V. Acharya

19th Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award to Shri. Fali S Nariman

Review of Fiscal Developments Financial Inclusion and Its Impact: A Case Study – A. Vijayaraj and R. Anandaraman

Central Bank Lessons from the Global Crisis – Stanley Fischer

Recent Developments in India’s Mutual Fund Industry Reservation for Vulnerable sections in Educational Institutions – M. Venkaiah Naidu

Health Ministry organises orientation workshop on Health & Nutrition Initiatives under the Aspirational District Programme


November 15 '2018

Affordable Housing: The International Scenario – V Mohan Rao

The Great Depression and The Great Recession What Have We Learned? – Michael D. Bordo

Informal Labour Market and Women Empowerment An Analysis of Turbhe Slum Dwellers, Navi Mumbai – Dolly Sunny and Kanchan Zarekar

Study on Behavioural Biases among Stock Market Investors With Special Reference to Kottayam District – Jibin Antony and Mariet Mareena George

India-Japan Development Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific,  including Africa

Importance of Independent Regulatory Institutions The Case of the Central Bank – Viral V. Acharya

December 1 '2018

Economics of Loan Waivers: Its Impact on the Economy and Remedial Measures – V. Mohan Rao

Knowledge level of Local Population in Sustainable Tourism Project in Kerala: An Assessment – Vinod C. Sugathan

Some Thoughts on Credit Risk & Bank Capital Regulation – N.S. Vishwanathan

Governance Institutions and Development – Avinash Dixit

PM’s Address of Mann Ki Baat Brief Outline of Gandhi’s Philosophy – Stephen Murphy

Regional Inflation Dynamics in India

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World: Building Climate Resilience for Food Security and Nutrition – D. Jeevan Kumar


December 15 '2018

Canada: Where Quality of Life Matters – I. Satya Sundaram

Impact of Demonetization on Indian Economy – Dharmanna H.D.

Poverty in India: An Assessment – Ramanna G. Katambli

Welfare Impact of Indo-ASEAN Agreement on Rubber Cultivators – Arya Gopan

Globalising People: India’s Inward Remittances

Autonomy of the Reserve Bank of India Needs to be Protected – V. Mohan Rao

Big Data and Measurement: From Inflation to Discrimination – Roberto Rigobon


January 1 '2019

The Turbulent Indian Economy – V. Mohan Rao

Assuring Lives Through Mahatma Gandhi NREGS – Soorya Anand

A Study of the Supply-Demand Mismatch in Indian Sericulture Industry – Irin Mamatha

The Problem of E-Marketing in India: A special reference to Ginger Market Study – Sharath A.M.

Internet Banking on Profitability of Banks: A Study in Sultanate of Oman – Nadia Sha, Shariq Mohammed and Atiya Iqbal

Post-Demonetisation Patterns of Deposits with Scheduled Commercial Banks: 2016-17 and 2017-18

Reduction in GST Rates/Exemptions on services

Smart City Mission


January 15 '2019

An Assessment of Public Distribution System – Jayananda Hatti

Growth and Performance of Micro and Small Enterprises – Savithri H.E.

Human Resource Development and Knowledge Management – Vijayalakshmi V.

May India continue to Progress & Attain New Heights of glory in 2019: Mann Ki Baat of Prime Minister

National Monetary Authorities and the Global Financial Cycle – Helene Rey

Generation of Employment by SEZ in Telangana  A Case Study of Polepally SEZ – Chandrashekar K & Purushotham

Year-End Review 2018: Ministry of Minority Affairs 

World Economic Outlook – Challenges to Steady Growth

IEA Annual Conference 2018 at Vellore – Satya Sundaram


February 1 '2019

GDP and Its Impact on Human Development – V. Mohan Rao

Reflections on Current Policy Issues Facing the Indian Economy – Shaktikanta Das

Resource Mapping for Development Planning – Ramachandra Nagi Reddy

Customer Motives and Satisfaction on e-Commerce: An Evaluation – Sabareeswaran A. and Biju S. K.

Mid-year External Sector Review The National Register of Citizens in Assam – V. Mohan Rao

Shri Ram Nath Kovind, President of India,

Republic of Dissent – Gandhi’s Sedition Trial


February 15 '2019

Universal Basic Income – K.U. Mada

Interim Budget Comments: The Interim Budget Benefits With An Eye on Elections – P. S. Jayaramu

Nation Moving Towards An Honest Economy – V. Kanagavel and T. Vijayaragavan

Interim Budget 2019 speech of Union Minister of Finance – Sri Piyush Goyal

A Pragmatic or Populist Budget? Reflections – B. Venkatraja

Tax Cut for Middle Class, Relief for Small Farmers and Unorganized Sector Employees – K.Navaneethakrishnan and M.Sakthisaradha

Modi’s Package for the Salaried Class – V. Dheenadhayalan

National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) Survey on Unemployment – An Assessment – Vijayalakshmi V.

India’s Corporate Bond Market: Issues in Market Microstructure

A New Foreign Commercial Debt Policy

Mann Ki Baat of Prime Minister

March 1  '2019

Evolution of Sociology and Its Challenges – Prakask, Annappa, Malaganve

Historic Budget of Modi Government – S.D. Naik

Impact of Informal Labour Market on Employment and Labour Welfare in Karnataka: An Assessment – M. Ramanjaneyulu and Venkatesha Naik

Budget at a Glance: Karnataka Budget Speech – 2019-20 Relevance of Celebrity Endorsement of Brands – Irin Mamatha

Some Reflections on Micro Credit and How a Public Credit Registry Can Strengthen It – Viral V. Acharya


March 15 '2019

Regional and Gender Disparities of School Attendance – R. Jayanthi and S. Ponnarasu

Agricultural Labour Problems in India – Sharath A.M.

Socio-Economic influence of Bhakti Movement – Shibi Sivadas

PM’s Address of Mann Ki Baat Purchase Behaviour of Car Customers: A Case Study – M. Anandhi and Abinayan

Contours of Liquidity Management: Developments During 2018-19

Banking Regulation: Restructuring of Advances to MSME Sector

Aero India 2019, Bengaluru: An Overview


Apri 1 & 15 '2019

The Genealogy of Poverty in India – V. Mohan Rao

Examining the honorificabilitudinitatibus of Teachers’

Perceptions on job satisfaction: A Study of Selected self-financing Colleges in Kerala – Thomas Sebastian, Dennis Cherian & Girish Kumar G.S.

The Budget and Startup Sector in India – Jyotsna Thomas & Georgee K.I.

My Transplanted Life: A Case Management and Miss Management of Hospital – Lakshmi Raghavan

Towards  Integrated  Personality – K.U. Mada

Attitude and Practice of Local Population In Sustainable Tourism Project in Kerala – Vinod C. Sugathan

Analysis of Association Between Fund Utilization Gap and Employment Generation Under MGNAREGA in Karnataka – Ramanna G. Katambli

Business Sentiments and Expectations in 2017-18 National Seminar Report – Issues in Urban Development – I. Satya Sundaram

“Modinomics” Two Days National Conference – J.M. Kavitha

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